Spotlight FAQs

How do you select teachers featured in Spotlight?
Teachers are usually recommended by those who have had the chance to examine their work closely: usually their Leadership Development Officer, or university tutors.  Those making recommendations have had the chance to see the impact featured teachers are making in the classroom.
Why are you sharing these posts?
We think that they can be useful to teachers and teacher-trainers outside the organisation.
How is Spotlight material used within Teach First?
We use Spotlight visits to improve our work in many ways: for example, we use footage in training events at our Summer Institute, and throughout the year.  We have also analysed Spotlight material as a way to identify strengths and foci of our teachers.
Is Teach First trying to tell teachers how to teach?
We are simply trying to share great practice we have seen.  Our participants and ambassadors work in a range of contexts; they will tailor their actions to the culture of the school they are in and the specific needs of their students.
Why don’t you film non-Teach First teachers?
We have access to, and existing relationships with, participants and ambassadors.  Since there are over 6,000 participants and ambassadors, we believe we can identify a diverse range of practice through this.
Do you have permission to show children in these videos?
We only publish videos where we have consent from those featured in them (and from the parents and guardians of children shown).  In many cases, this consent has been obtained in advance by schools.  If you have specific concerns, please contact us using the address below.
How do I nominate a brilliant participant or ambassador?
Get in touch using the form on this page.
How can I find out more?
Get in touch using the form on this page.
How can I suggest something I’d like to see featured here?
Get in touch using the form on this page.